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  • Takeshi Kazui

A Mysterious Blue 蒼

Updated: Oct 22, 2023

Sea and sky, blue is a mysterious color.

The blue sea and blue sky of Kumanonada.

The Question

We live on Earth, Blue planet, and surrounded by the blue sky and the blue sea.

When I was kid, I wondered why the seawater that I scooped up was transparent even though the sea was blue? The question has not been answered yet.

Google search would solve it easily. However, I explore it the old way, walks on my feet, sees with my eyes and hears with my ears. Because the starting point is the seawater scooped up by my hand.

One of the reasons I travel is to resume my childhood questions. I'm a middle-aged man who's getting older, making a little money, and getting to know the world, but I finds out that I hasn't known something for decades. You may have the same experience as I do.

My dear friend. I hope you will be able to join me on this journey for a while.

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