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The Place Where the Mother Goddess Izanami Is Buried 埋葬

Updated: Oct 29, 2023

Izanami and Izanagi, who gave birth to the Japanese archipelago, next gave birth to the gods/deities who were essential to "The Land of the Rising Sun".

First, they gave birth to Ōkoto oshio no kami 大事忍男神 who is a symbol of greatness that gives birth to the gods/deities: earth formation, house-building, sea, inlets, river, water, wind, mountain, field, mist, valley, bewilderment, ark of God, and finally, fire.

The last deity born, Hi no yagihayao no kami 火之夜芸速男神. This deity's other name is Hi no kakabiko no kami 火之炫毗古神, yet another name is Hi no kagutsuchi no kami 火之迦具土神. He burned his mother Izanami to death at birth.


Starry Sky of Izanami's Grief

Hana no Iwaya, where Izanami, the mother of the Japanese gods, is said to have been buried.

After that, Izanami went to Hades, and her husband Izanagi mourned and suffered. He then followed her and opened the gates to the underworld... I'll tell you this story someday.

The time has passed from the age of the gods to the age of human. People buried the goddess in Hana no Iwaya 花の窟 in Arima Village, kinokuni 紀伊国, and vowed to praise her forever.

I visit there every year at midnight on December 31.

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